About the tournament

Jindřichův Hradec Open is like our child. We started with the layout that was something over 1500m long, but when years were passing by, the quality and the purpose of the tournament grew. We went from no league to second league tournament and finished it with the doubles championship last year. Now it is time for the layout to grow together with the purpose of the tournament. So, this year, the JHO got completely new layout over 2km long, new general partner – Finnish brand Prodiscus and the place in 1st league.

As the tournament director, I wish the tournament to be connected with a peaceful atmoshphere, the beauty of South Bohemia and Jindřichův Hradec and still-growing high quality and professionality of discgolf. In the end of this introduction I would like to thank all the people who are helping with JHO, because if these people didn’t help, the tournament wouldn’t exist – they gave it „face and soul“.

Good luck!

Jan Nadberežený
Tournament director

Classification: 1st league of ČADG, PDGA C

  • MPO (Open)
  • FPO (Women)
  • MP40 (Master – 40 years old or older)
  • MJ18 (Juniors – 18 years old or younger)
Capacity: 90 players
Formate: 3 rounds without final round
Tournament director: Jan Nadberežný


Tournament schedule



  • 12:00 – the course will be ready for practice



  • 08:00 – start of the registration
  • 09:00 – players meeting
  • 09:30 – 1st round tee off
  • 12:30 – pause for lunch
  • 14:15 – 2nd round tee off
  • 18:00 – tournament party
  • 26th


  • 09:30 – players meeting
  • 10:00 – 3rd round tee off
  • 13:00 – annoucement of the results
  • Course layout

    You can download the map here.
    The tournament centre this year is a white arbour between holes 18 and 1. The lower arbour will be the part of a relax zone next to the Proshop.
    The toilets are available over the bridge, next to Bros Bar.
    Shootout holes are 7, 8 and 18 with sudden death. If the score will be still unclear after a shootout, CTP will be played on hole #1.
    We beg the players to reconsider throwing over the horse fence because of the minimisation of horses‘ fear and avoding troubles on both sides. Thank you


    The registration is in an agreement with rules of ČADG for 1st Discgolf League.

    By registering you agree with being photographed and with consequentional data processing and usage for propagation or other purposes.

    Start fee
    750 CZK (17€), Juniors under 18 pay 100 CZK (4€), the remaining amount will be paid from the ČADG grant.

    The payment of the fee has to be done in one week after registering.If you don‘t do so, you will be removed from the list and your position will be available for other people on the waiting list. Pay the money to the account 2200803325/2010 – Fio bank and write your name to transaction notes. If you belong to a club that pays your fee, don’t pay the money on your own.

    Annual accomodation in university dorms is arranged individually this year on the webpage, due to shortened registration. They know about the tournament, but the capacity can narrow down every day, so hurry up!
    You can also find other alternatives for accomodation on

    Tournament party
    It takes place over the bridge next to Bros Bar this year. Our care director is taking care of some music for the evening. Also, there will be burgers available, straight from the grill – you can request them in the food form that is in one of the bulk mails. Better information will be added soon.


    The tournament couldn’t be held without sponsors. This year‘s biggest sponsor is Prodiscus – a Finnish brand that produces discgolf equipment and is mostly unknown by local players. You can look forward to the JHO 2020 Basic Jokeri – legendary putter by Prodiscus. You will fall in love with it very quickly, it is very good for longer approaches.
    And of course, we want to thank our long-term sponsors, especially the discgolf shop and Jindřichův Hradec town – they are supporting us since the beginning.
    Thank you!


    Jan Nadberežný

    Tournament director
    PDGA official, the tournament director and the „father of JHO“, you can approach him with every problem you might have with the tournament or the layout.

    Jan Procházka

    Technical director no.1
    The boss of the registration, website, graphics design and other magic things. He’s making the tournament attractive, you can ask him anything you want.

    Jakub Lacina

    Technical director no.2
    Jacob is our bottomless well of ideas, he ensures everything about the layout. So, if you happen to have some problems with the layout, ask Jacob.

    Pavel Tománek

    Player care director
    He ensures everything about your comfort – food, putting contest, tournament party and other things. That’s our Cartmen.
    Creators of the layout and parents of JH Open
    Jan Nadberežný, Jakub Lacina, Vojta Veselý, Jan Procházka, Štěpán Daněk, Patrik Houška a Kryštof Novák